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New Orleans Souvenirs

What to Buy in New Orleans

The sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans are so unique that I knew I’d miss it as soon as we leave. So we picked up some souvenirs to bring back home just to stretch the trip a little longer.


1. Jambalaya Mix
I got two brands, Mam Papaul’s and Autin’s Cajun Cookery. I prefer Mam Papaul’s because it’s less spicy. When cooking, you can mix in some fresh tomatoes with the meats and shrimps for more flavor (boil tomatoes first to easily remove the skin, then mash and stir into jambalaya). FYI: this makes the dish Creole. Creole cuisine uses tomatoes while Cajun does not – that’s the easiest way to tell them apart.

2. KREWE du optic Sunglasses
Absolutely love these, and got so many compliments for them. This relatively new brand is designed in New Orleans, and designs are inspired by the culture and people of the city. The frames are made to be easily adjustable to the shape of the wearer’s head, and the lenses are made to be resistant to scratches and ultraviolet rays. Fans of the brand include Gigi Hadid, Beyonce and Alessandra Ambrosio.

(Image from KREWE du optic Instagram)


(Image from KREWE du optic Instagram)
(Image from KREWE du optic Instagram)

3. Leah’s Pralines
Out of the multiple pralines/candy store in NOLA, Leah’s Pralines left the biggest impression. If you visit, make sure to get a pack of their Bacon Pralines.

4. Dirty Rice Mix
If you can’t tell yet, I love buying local food/cooking ingredients back home because the taste can immediately bring you back to your vacation. This rice mix reminded me of the dirty rice at Johnny’s Po-Boys.

5. Spices from The Spice & Tea Change
Definitely make a stop at this shop for their wide selection of savory spices, seasonings and teas. This is also a great place to buy gifts for any one who loves to cook.


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