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Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

Portland Where to Eat Guide sunscreenandplanes.comPortland, Oregon is a great place to visit on a long weekend. Other than the city’s eco-friendly values and impressive public transportation system, what really stood out was its food scene. Portland is well-known for its donuts, amazing coffee, and of course, the food trucks. Read on to find out where to eat in this wonderfully hippy city!

1. Tasty n Sons
Tasty n Sons was my favorite brunch spot in Portland. We decided to take advantage of Portland’s efficient (and cheap) public transportation and bused there from downtown. It was a bit further away from other places (about 20 mins from our hotel), but the food and atmosphere made up for it. We started with the maple bacon wrapped dates, then ordered the breakfast board and the cast iron frittata.

Tasty n Sons - Where to Eat in Portland - (2)
Tasty n Sons
Tasty n Sons - Where to Eat in Portland -
Tasty n Sons: Bacon wrapped dates
Breakfast plate at Tasty n Sons - Where to Eat in Portland -
Tasty n Sons: Breakfast board
Tasty n Sons: Cast Iron Frittata

2. Blue Star Donuts
Though we heard a lot about Voodoo Donut online and from guide books, Blue Star Donuts seem to be the one locals go to. Whenever I go somewhere new and hop on Uber/Lyft, I always ask local drivers where to eat. Blue Star Donuts only bake until noon and close when they sell out. We ordered the blueberry bourbon basil and real maple bacon (both were delicious!). Even if you’re not a huge donuts person (I’m not), it’s worth it to make a stop for the unique flavors.

Blue Star Donuts - Where to Eat in Portland -
Blue Star Donuts
Blue Star Donuts- Where to Eat in Portland -
Blue Star Donuts
Blue Star Donuts - Where to Eat in Portland - (2)
Blue Star Donuts: Blueberry bourbon basil

3. Nuvrei
My absolute favorite bakery in Portland. Nuvrei has two storefronts, the main store selling all the bread and pastries is upstairs with some seating. The main bakery itself is downstairs (take the small flight of stairs), and has a small counter selling macaroons. We went down to get some macaroons and as we were debating what to get, the owner just baked a fresh batch of croissants and gave us 2 each for free! It was hot, flaky and perfect.

Nuvrei Bakery - Where to Eat in Portland -
Nuvrei - Where to Eat in Portland -
Nuvrei: Pastries
Croissant at Nuvrei - Where to Eat in Portland -
Nuvrei: Croissant right out the oven
Nuvrei- Where to Eat in Portland -
Nuvrei: Macaroons

4. Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw is the most popular ice cream store in Portland, and even though it was still quite chilly when we went in March, the line wrapped around both inside and outside the store. They have seasonal flavors that change each month, and their classic menu that is always there. Their flavors are the most creative I’ve seen so far (e.g. pear & blue cheese, strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper, dill flowers & fennel pollen). I tasted a couple flavors and chose almond brittle with salted ganache and Stumptown coffee. Salt & Straw now is one of my all-time favorite ice cream stores, and thankfully they’ve opened a store here in Los Angeles.

5. Pok Pok
Pok Pok started out as a food truck and expanded into a restaurant. Now it recently opened on in LA’s Chinatown. We ordered the papaya pok pok salad, the famous wings, and satay. Maybe it was because I grew up in Asia, I didn’t think it was amazing Thai food. However, I did really enjoy the wings that are marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, and caramelized with more fish sauce & garlic.

Pok Pok - Where to Eat in Portland -
Pok Pok: Satay

6. Food Trucks
You can’t go to Portland without stopping by the food trucks. Unlike usual food trucks, these park and stay at the same location everyday. They have multiple “pods”, or grouping of food trucks, around the city. We went to the pod at the intersection of SW 10th Ave and SW Alder St. My favorite stand was Nong’s Khao Man Gai, selling southeast Asian chicken and rice. Very jealous of people who work around here and get all these selections for lunch.

Food Trucks - Where to Eat in Portland -
Food Trucks Square – that’s me in the umbrella with a bag of food and looking for more
Nong's Khao Man Gai - Where to Eat in Portland -
Nong’s Khao Man Gai: Chicken and rice

7. Paley’s Place
Paley’s Place is the one fancier restaurant we stopped at for dinner. After a full day of eating, we weren’t very hungry so ordered a la carte instead of the full tasting menu. We had the Wagyu beef tartare, clams, squid ink risotto, and a selection of cheese to finish.

Paley's Place - Where to Eat in Portland - (3)
Paley’s Place: Squid ink risotto

We spent most of our time eating in Portland with a bit of shopping. Some worthwhile stops are Will’s Leather Goods, Powell’s City of Books, record stores, and multiple boutique stores spread around the city.Portland - Where to Eat in Portland - sunscreenandplanes.comJackspot Records Guide to Portland - sunscreenandplanes.comPowells City of Books - Guide to Portland - sunscreenandplanes.comWill's Leather Goods - Guide to Portland -

Portland is on my list of cities to return to. Next time we plan to drive out of downtown to visit Multnomah Falls and Colombia river gorge. What are your favorite restaurants to eat in Portland? Let me know what I should put on my list for next time!

6 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

  1. great post! Next time i visit, i have to check out Nuvrie, it looks awesome! i love pastries and those look so good. I just visited Portland a few months ago as well and had a Portland post sitting in my ‘drafts’. After reading this I was inspired to finally finish it.

    Looking forward to reading more about your travels! (came here from your IG… although I go by a different screen name on IG!)


  2. You definitely ate like a local! I can’t say enough about Ox…been living in Portland for a few years now and it’s still my go to. The bone marrow clam chowder is amazing (and makes all sorts of lists of best foods in america) and I can’t get enough of the pork ribs and skirt steak. Lines are usually long so it’s best to put your name down and walk around the corner to Secret Society for drinks. A little surprised there weren’t any brunch spots in the post. The lines are always long but so many great spots (Besaw’s, Tasty’n’Alder, Screen Door)!


  3. quand je songe que Verlaine « impacta » Rimbaud ,selon Claire D.. vite une île grecque Claire.. vite vite ,il faut prendre la mer.. je me demande ce qu’elle va vous &lopso;&nbuq;impacter &raqua;,la mer Egée..


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