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Flashback Friday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

LA has been weirdly gloomy the past two weeks, which makes me miss the sunshine we enjoyed at Cabo San Lucas back in January even more.Cabo San Lucas Guide on

We chose to stay in San Jose del Cabo as we heard it is a quieter and more authentic. The town is known for its art galleries and local craft shops. We stayed at Casa Natalia, a 19-room bed and breakfast. The rooms are charmingly named after different fruits and we were in the Sandia (Watermelon). There is a pool in the courtyard, and I really enjoyed the breakfast every morning. You start with freshly squeezed juice and can pick between a selection of huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, omelettes and more.

Cabo San Lucas on (2)
Casa Natalia: breakfast
Cabo San Lucas on
Casa Natalia

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal is one of the popular eateries in San Jose del Cabo. They have a great selection of tacos and we made our first lunch stop here.

Cabo San Lucas on (10)
La Lupita Taco & Mezcal: tacos

Las Guacamayas was one of my favorite meals at Cabo. It may not look like much but the stone bowl was SO. GOOD. It comes with meat, avocado, melted cheese and you just build your own tacos!

Cabo San Lucas on (8)
Las Guacamayas: Stone Bowl
Cabo San Lucas on (7)
Las Guacamayas: guac, chips and fried cheese

We drove out to Chileno Beach and just relaxed on the beach the whole day, napping and reading.

Cabo San Lucas on (9)Cabo San Lucas on (4)

It happened to be Ian and my anniversary when we were in Cabo, and he planned a surprise dinner at the Resort at Pedregal. This is a beautifully resort tucked into the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. El Farallon is an outdoor restaurant, and you can choose to start with a champagne tasting before dinner. Then you move on to a display of fresh fish, lobsters, shrimps, and clams and order what you want for dinner. We got the “Bounty of Ensenada”, which starts with appetizers including ceviche and calamari, and the main course is a feast of fresh fish and lobster.

Cabo San Lucas on (3)
The Resort at Pedregal
Cabo San Lucas on (6)
El Farallon restaurant inside the Resort at Pedregal

– All restaurants in Cabo accept US dollars. However, your bill may be slightly higher if paid with dollars instead of pesos.
– If not renting a car, you can buy tickets for a shared van ride to your hotel after you get out immigration .
– A lot of beaches at Cabo are not swimmable due to strong tides.
– When we went to Chileno Beach, they were building a new hotel on a stretch so you may pass by some (ugly) construction work on the walk from parking lot to beach.

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