Hosting an Outdoors Summer Party

Where is everyone heading to for July 4th? I’ll be flying off to Maui with family.
If you’re thinking of throwing a summer outdoors party but too lazy to decorate, I have a solution for you – big piece of paper + at least one artistic friend. Here are some pictures of a party I quickly threw together with the help of one or two artistic friends doodling directly on paper, making quirky comments. It’s fast, cost effective, and easy to clean up!

Summer pool party on

Salad and sushi were store bought, and the fruit skewers are easy to make to add a pop of color. Summer pool party on

Homemade pigs in blankets.

Summer pool party on pool party on pool party on pool party on

We laid out some easy to grab snacks – Terra chips, goldfish and gummy bears with skittles. The glass containers are from dollar store (cheap but cute)!Summer pool party on

Nothing says summer more than popsicles in champagne!

Summer pool party on

Happy July 4th everyone!

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