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Flashback Friday: Seoul, Korea

Whenever I visit a foreign country, after a few days I usually start picking up on some local words (train station, bathroom, thank you). For the life of me, I did not click with Korean. It just didn’t register in my head. So when I visited Seoul with my girlfriends, it was a very relaxing trip – I blanked out and relied on them to do all the planning (thanks girls!).

Seoul, Korea on
Airport Train Station
Seoul, Korea on
Traditional Korean dinner: kimchi pancake and grilled fish

Seoul, Korea on

Seoul, Korea on
Obligatory Korean barbeque dinner!

Noryangjin Fish Market – if you’ve never been to an Asia fish market before, definitely make a stop here. There are a bunch of stalls selling fresh seafood, and they can cook it for you if you want to eat it on the spot. We had some fresh sashimi and even a raw octopus (the chopped up tentacles were crawling off the plate)!

Seoul, Korea on

Seoul, Korea on
Yes we ate that octopus… raw
Seoul, Korea on
Fresh sashimi

More traditional Korean spread with banchans (small appetizer dishes)…

Seoul, Korea on

Seoul, Korea on
Dolsot Bibimbap (hot stone pot mixed rice)

We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the five largest palaces in Seoul and probably the most well-known. Built in the late 1300s, the palace was destroyed and reconstructed numerous times. You can learn more about Korean court customs by going on English tours available 3 times a day at different hours.

Seoul, Korea on, Korea on

Patbingsu was a welcomed treat after the palace tour – we visited in the dead of summer and it was sweltering. Patbingsu (also spelled patbingsoo) is Korean shaved ice, usually topped with red beans and you can choose flavorings like sesame or green tea.
Seoul, Korea on

Last Korean barbeque before leaving! This joint is popular with locals, there are no chairs and you eat standing up. Seoul, Korea on

Happy Friday everyone!


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