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Best Sushi Restaurant in San Francisco – Kusakabe

I love sushi. I don’t know how to put into words my constant desire for sushi. Growing up in Taiwan and spending every Christmas in Japan has also made me a bougie sushi snob. Last night a particularly strong craving hit, so I texted one of my best friends to see if she wanted to try Kusakabe… Continue reading Best Sushi Restaurant in San Francisco – Kusakabe

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Flashback Friday: Seoul, Korea

Whenever I visit a foreign country, after a few days I usually start picking up on some local words (train station, bathroom, thank you). For the life of me, I did not click with Korean. It just didn’t register in my head. So when I visited Seoul with my girlfriends, it was a very relaxing trip… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Seoul, Korea

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Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a great place to visit on a long weekend. Other than the city’s eco-friendly values and impressive public transportation system, what really stood out was its food scene. Portland is well-known for its donuts, amazing coffee, and of course, the food trucks. Read on to find out where to eat in this wonderfully hippy… Continue reading Where to Eat in Portland, Oregon